To Create Again….a collection, part I

It’s been a while. Too long in fact. And these last five years have not been without their challenges. I’ve gone through a major life change (happy to say not health related) -downsizing due to a job loss, selling a home we lived in for 25 years, and with this change, I lost my creative space. I also had to pick up more hours at my regular job (working for WW), and so my creative time was limited.

To finally find some balance, time and space to start creating again has been great. Even though my sewing machine has been sitting on my dining room table for the last two years, to sew again has been my peace. I also was able to purchase a new machine, Bernina 530, on layaway, so now it is even more fun to design.

And with COVID, I have found even more time, that I was finally able to release a collection last year and will be working on another for Spring.

Last year when the pandemic came, my company had us start working from home with Zoom. My days were very split up, but it still gave me some extra time to start and finish a collection. (I’ve had a bad habit of starting a collection and never finishing it, lol). So here’s what came out last year:

Ca C’est Bon II

A modernized Rococo inspired collection, where I also made wigs to go with it and collaborated with another fellow artist that specializes in shoes, eikollander. Her shoes are to die for and I am completely obsessed with them.

Eikollander shoes

After this collection I designed a special finale gown that was inspired by Dior’s Maria Luisa gown and held it on auction.

LeT thEm EaT cAke

This was truly a to die for gown. Sometimes it’s hard to let these creations go, but since I have no space for displaying any dolls, I’d rather have it go to someone who can truly enjoy the beauty instead of having it packed away in a box. Maybe I will make another in a different color one day, for myself.

The first creations for 2021 was some lingerie and from that a Valentines collection, Je t’aime, evolved. Inspired by Dior Haute Couture Fall 2009 collection that used lingerie as a base, I took 4 of the looks to adapt to 16″ fashion doll size.

Boudoir Teal corset for Kingdom doll
Je t’aime Look 4

There’s the wrap up for the last few years and to now continue with 2021. I’m hoping to continue with this blog on a little more consistent basis. Stay tuned for Part 2 of To Create Again…..

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The Process of ReBranding

I’ve been doing this a long time. Since 2004 actually. And I’ve gone thorough a few revamps of my website, but now I really feel I needed to ‘clean it up’.

See, I’ve kind of been on a hiatus of sorts, and for the last year have finally been able to create again (that whole story will be another post). With getting back into the ‘groove’ I felt that my image-brand- was in sore need of an update.  So which direction do I go? You see all this social media now about Branding and your image, etc, etc. But what really is Branding? And how do I make my brand?


Old logo 

First I knew I needed a logo change and wanted to simplify my site, not only the look but navigation.  I tried creating my own logo through VistaPrint:


Pretty, but still kind of dated looking. I needed something modern, fresh. So finding more and more info on Pinterest (unfortunately I’m addicted) I came across premade logo design. It was affordable (I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something I may not like) and I felt it was something that would work for me at this stage.  I knew what I wanted, simple clean, using the MRC initials of my brand name since I am often referred this way, and dropping the Couture.  I decided on a logo by Macaroons & Mimosas on Etsy. Lindsay was great to work with and created exactly what I was looking for. I changed up the Branding board to my color palette, like I said I knew exactly what I wanted- luxe, modern, simple, clean and elegant.

brand board

I had her make an extra alternate logo also that I ended up using as part of a thank you card for package insert.


Which comes to the next part of rebranding… the packaging.

You want your packaging to reflect your brand. Is your brand quirky and fun? then make your packaging reflect that. I wanted something elegant and French, since the name Madeleine Rose (which is my daughters name by the way) is very French, and my brand colors were a pale blush, dark grey, black, copper/rose gold and very light beige. Finding sources is not easy. Especially, affordable choices that you don’t need to buy a quantity of over 200 or 2000. And also storage! Who has the space if you are a home based business to store that many boxes? But again, Pinterest comes to the rescue! I found a resource that has foldable luxury boxes at a decent price that I can order in a smaller quantity. I ordered a few sample boxes to make sure the size would be good and created my packaging.




packaging card

I designed a Thank You card to insert in each package, tied with a white organza ribbon,

packaging TY stickersand stickers to seal the tissue.

packaging tissue

But the final presentation… I felt the gowns need to be presented like a piece of fine jewelry. On a pillow of satin. So I purchased pink satin and made a base in which the designs could be tied onto and set inside the box with acid free white tissue and a pink tissue over it, sealed with a sticker than ties with organza ribbon again. I added a small rose flower in the bow for an extra touch. This is something I used to do a long time ago and then just kind of stopped, but I think it does add a little extra something.


packaging pillow

Packaging out of the way…. The final is my website. I have to have the right website for my clients to go to to make it all cohesive, right?  I was in luck, my website provider had just came out with a new Website builder, so I decided to give it a try. Finding a template that would work for what I was looking for was a little bit of a challenge, but I found one I liked (it happened to be for a beauty salon but with the right changes…) I was able to adapt it to what I wanted. Changing the colors, working with photoshop to create the right headers, everything was coming together. And I found this new builder much easier to use than the previous one.  I’m still tweaking things and trying to create more content, but overall with the use of my new branding elements I feel everything is very cohesive across all boards-website, packaging and social media.

Check it out at




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How to make a BJD corset….

I’ve always enjoyed making corsets for my dolls. Its such a skill to get them to fit just right and the structure perfect. I love making these miniature works of art and thought I would share the process again.
I’ll have a pattern available for download in my etsy shop soon.

So, let’s go make a BJD corset!
Fabric can be silk, printed cotton, lightweight brocade. Use a light weight stable type of fabric, although we are going to underline it with interfacing. I use a silk taffeta for lining most of the time, but a stiff organdy can be used also. I used a small floral print cotton with a silk taffeta lining and edging.

Cut all corset pieces from your main fabric choice (self fabric), from the lining and the interfacing (I used a woven fusible interfacing). Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the self fabric pieces.  All seam allowances are 1/4″ wide unless otherwise noted.

Right side together, pin then stitch the side fronts to the front, side backs to the back, and press seams open. Right sides together stitch the front to backs at side seams. Press seams open.  Hint: ease stitch just inside the seam allowance along the edges of the corset front and clip to stitch for better manipulation around the curved part of the side front.

Prepare lining, following the same instructions omitting the interfacing.

At this time, if you would like to, top stitch any seams and add lace and trimming. You can also top stitch to add boning if you like. I did this for the larger BJD corsets.  I edged stitched all the seams on the lining for a cleaner finish inside. Now with right sides together, stitch the lining to the corset at the back seams. Turn right side out and press. Baste raw edges together.

Cut two strips of fabric on the bias, one inch wide and 2 inches longer than the bottom edge of the corset in either self or lining, or contrasting fabric if you like.   Right sides together, pin strips to the top and bottom edges of the corset, you will have extra extending from the edges. Stitch. trim seam allowance to 1/8″.  Press up.
Turn under 1/4″ on raw edges of the strips and fold over the seam allowance. Slip stitch to corset along seamline to encase seam and give a clean edge to the corset. 
See- nice and clean.  From here mark for eyelets for lacing up in back. I used 3/32″ eyelets for MSD and 1/8″ eyelets for 60 cm BJD. Apply eyelets as desired.

Now you can add any other embellishments as desired. I used silk ribbon the lace up the sides and sewed tiny pearls to the front lace. I also added bows, lace to the bottom edge and a crystal charm. 

Any questions, feel free to email me! Have fun creating!


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Lacroix Inspired…

I love mixing prints. Either in one item or in a collection. And one of my favorite designers is a master at it. Christian Lacroix mixes the unexpected, adds the details of lace, crystals, beads, extravagance galore and creates the most beautiful pieces imaginable. Granted, his designing isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I think it is so romantic and beautiful. I’m saddened that he no longer has his couture house. His designs are always a source of inspiration for me.









So I’m trying to use up some of my fabric stash and decided to finally do something with a collection of prints I picked up a while ago. I always had the intention of mixing these together as a little collection, but never knew what to do or how. Sometimes its best to put it away for a while and then when one pulls it out again new inspiration pops up.

Coordinating prints

Coordinating prints

The first idea that comes to mind is Lacroix! Lets do something with inspiration from some of his older collections.





So I came up with a couple gowns with embellishments inspired by Lacroix.

Applique for gown

Applique for gown

My Lacroix inpired gowns… now available in the Madeleine Rose Couture Boutique

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Summer Blues…

Ok, it’s been a while, I know.  And so much has gone on I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll start posting little things from the last several months going forward.

Meanwhile, I’ll start at the present.

Summer! Ah, who doesn’t love it, with it’s sunshine and blue skies, sandy beaches, and cool ocean breezes.  While I guess not everyone has this climate, but living in Southern California, I’m very lucky I do.  And that is one thing that inspired this mini collection.  On one of my last shopping trips to Mood, I purchased this beautiful shades of blue designer silk chiffon.

fabrics from mood

shades of blue designer silk on far left

I also ended up having in my large fabric stock some other blues that happened to blend in rather nicely.

Summer Blues fabric selection

Shades of blue-from top- light grey silk chiffon, textured blue chiffon, designer print silk chiffon and metallic blue knit.

I wanted to do easy summer dresses, the kind you would just slip on for summer with silver statement jewelry.

The mini collection of Summer Blues-four short dresses, three long gowns and a skirt with bodysuit ensemble.  Available now at the Madeleine Rose Couture boutique

Here are a few of the looks:

Short silk print dress

Knit Tank Gown

Summer Blues print gown

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Got a chance to use one of the fabrics I purchased from Mood.  The tribal influenced graphic print silk chiffon.  This fabric is sooo gorgeous, I had a hard time trying to decide what exactly to do with it.  A simple drape neck silhouette won so the print could shine.  The necklace is by Leigh in ME (Asher of New England) and is the Chanel J’Adore inspired necklace.  So beautiful- he does amazing work on these miniature masterpieces. My beautiful Damia (Numina Ajuma by Paul Pham) is modeling.

Tribe LE 2 by MRC

This was made for the Couture Doll Shops yearly special Dolls Fashion Night Out, something I participate in every year.  you can read about it on their blog

Until next time….



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Mood Fabrics…..

So let’s see-how long have I lived in Southern California?  All of my life, went to school in Los Angeles at FIDM and I have never been to Mood.  Can you believe it? Well, maybe I did once, a long time ago but I didn’t know which store it was at the time when I was shopping for bridal fabric and if it was, it wasn’t nearly as famous as it is now.

Mood Fabrics logo

Mood fabrics So what did I think?  OMG, now I know why I kind of avoided it for as long as I had because one can get into a lot of trouble there.  Granted prices are not inexpensive, but what a glorious selection of fabrics- silks especially, I was definitely in heaven.  And kudos to my hubby who was a trooper through the whole shopping experience. Actually, he found a comfy couch to sit in and just watched me go through the rolls and rolls of fabrics in front of him.  Then he  took a few pics of the store and helped me make some decisions on fabric.

Wall of fabrics

A wall of fabric

I ended up with a beautiful Oscar De La Renta silk chiffon in shades of blue which is my favorite.  I also got a few other pieces, and a ton of white silk habotai for linings.  It seems I was always running out of silk habotai.  As far as the reviews of Mood on Yelp are concerned, we had a wonderful salesperson.  Aimee, who helped cut my fabric and was very entertaining to talk to.  She made my experience there pleasurable despite the apprehension I felt from the reviews about rude salespeople.  I will be making trips to Mood  a few times a year now- I really have no excuse since I really live only an hour away.  I still need to go back and check out the laces!! But at those prices I need to know what I am doing with them.

my selections:

fabrics from moodStay tuned to see what I create out of this!

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A Commission Finished….Finally….

Well, this one only took me a couple months to do.  For two of those weeks it was blazing hot here in So Cal that I couldn’t even think about sewing.  So glad that the weather is finally starting to feel like fall.  I’m ready to pull out those sweaters and do a little layering!

This commission request was to do a reproduction of my Street Beat vintage kimono jacket I did for BJD’s, only in 16″ Numina size.  LoriL3I love this jacket.  Wish I had one in my size.  Sometimes it’s hard to sell items you  create when you fall in love with them.  But anyway, I took on the challenge.  I had lots on vintage kimono panels on hand and some colored fur, so it was up to the client to pick out which color scheme they liked.  The finished product:

street beat numina2My Ajuma Numina by Paul Pham is modeling wearing her own pants, Numina bra, goggles and shoes, and necklace by me.

Now onto the next project-a separates collection for Jamieshow dolls for Angelic Dreamz….. stay tuned….

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Flamme Framboise….

It’s been a while since I’ve designed anything for a Sybarite. So when I picked up this fabric, Gothica decided no one else but her would have something out of it. And why not? It  suits her coloring perfectly.flamme framboise closeflamme framboise 3


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Candy Crushing…….

I know, I know.  I said at the year end post I was going to be more consistent in writing, but here it is the middle of the year already and have I written?  No.  For that I apologize.  Life seems to get in the way.  Anyway I haven’t really made too much lately to be able to write about.  I did do a fun little gown at the first of the year- Glitter Disc:

Glitter Disc 2modeling is my new Ajuma by Paul Pham.  She is fabulous- I have to design more for her but she is a challenge to photograph.

I also had been working with Angelic Dreamz on some stuff.  I designed the gown for the special intro Gene luncheon held at the IDEX show.  As well as the little suit for the BJD mixer AD sponsored.


Photo by George G

Now that summer is here I am hoping to get a little more finished.  I cleaned up my sewing area, and while doing it gave away four small boxes of fabric.  I still have one box left if anyone is interested- just pay shipping of flat rate $12.95.

I found this fabric while I was cleaning up and finally decided to do something with it instead of giving it away.  I reminded me of Skittles, so I aptly named it Candy Pop.  I also used Skittles on the ground around it 🙂

Candy Pop

Candy Pop

I love the way it turned out.  The fit is amazing, although it will only fit small busted Numina dolls.


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