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To Ebay or not To Ebay?

So……. I’m not having much luck in my gowns selling. I even lowered the prices whether anyone looked or not, I don’t know. I know with this economy it’s a luxury most people wouldn’t invest in but hey, the collectors are still buying dolls! So the question is-to put them on Evilbay or not? Pros- more exposure, possible selling. Cons-evilbay fees, selling for less than I may want, etc, etc,. I’ll probably try ebay again, just becuse it’s been so long since I have sewn and sold for these dolls that I think I need to build a customer base up again. Not that I really had much of one for the BJD’s. My customer base is with those 16″ Fashion Divas which thank goodness, I can always count on. Guess I’ll just have to do them for business and the BJD’s for pleasure and not really count on making anything from them.
Well I’m still going to finish making the 18th c gowns I have planned and the other collections that is half finished. I need to use up all this fabric I have!

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Monday mornings- new day, new week

Don’t you just hate Monday mornings? The week end is over-no more playing, have to get down to the grind of the week again. For me, it seems I always have so much to do-I make my list which is so long, but then as the week goes on, it dwindles down as I get the items done. At least I feel a sense of accomplishment if I get almost everything done that is on my list.

The list this week? I started redoing our master bath while DH was away on vacation. Didn’t get it done since I had deterioration on the wall by the shower that I had to patch up with drywall mud. That has taken forever to dry since the weather has been so up and down here in CA. So today on the list is getting that finished.
Then tomorrow I have to start painting the bathroom and I have no idea what color to paint it. Now that DH is home he’ll probably want some say in the color. Oh darn.

Other major things: some commissions to finish. Once those are done I can work on a new collection for the 16″ fashion gals- which I think is going to turn out really fab. I still want to continue with the BJD”s because I am really having fun doing the 18th c gowns and other things. But I won’t be able to if they don’t start selling. Oh the dilemmas of having a home business.

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I’m so tired of my camera…

I’ve been editing photos today that I took last night and well, my camera is really tired. It’s probably at least 5 years old-it’s a Canon powershot G-5. At the time it was an expensive camera but well, it’s amazing how technology develops so quickly. I think I’m going to get a Rebel XSI now- would love to have a EOS D-40, but the price range is a liitle high at the moment.
So back to editing- I had fallen at Knott’s a couple weeks ago(DD’s field trip) with camera in hand. I was more worried about the camera than myself. At first it seemed fine but when I got home later and used it-well the white balance button was broken. I use this button all the time-and now all my photos are too yellow unless I use flash which I hate. So I’m having to edit much more than I use to have to to try to get this yellow out of the pics. So sorry if the pics are bad.
Here is one taken of Regan:
Regan original
and Regan with photoshopped color:
Regan photoshopped

I’m not the best at photoshop, I only have Elements 6, but it serves my purposes.

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Are there really enough hours in a day?

Do we ever really get everything done in a day that we set out to get done? I find myself more busy now that I have been a stay at home mom than when I worked outside the home. Between taking my daughter to school and picking her up, homework, home improvement projects, just keeping the house clean and keeping up with those chores, and then-doing my website and designing for the dolls so I can make a little of my own pocket money. Whew! I find I always have to have lists- otherwise I become the SHE(sidetracked home executive)
When I say about the hours in a day-it’s because I wish I had unlimited hours to do what I want to do and not have to take care of everyone else. But then with marriage an kids comes responsibility. Right now my husband is on a surfing trip in Costa Rica on a 60ft Catamaran. At least I don’t have to worry about him this week. Soooo I’ve been doing some painting around the house-mainly repainting my bathroom since he is not around- and trying to sew my little heart out since he is not around to bother me. Only one I have to worry about is the DD.

Anyway, here is a little something I have been working in progresswork in progress full view

Please don’t mind my area, the pins in the bodice or the wrinkles. These were very quick pics. I still need to add ruffle trim to the skirt and add the corsage to the bodice. I wasn’t sure about this one when I first started it but it’s coming out rather nicely. The ruffles on the skirt will add a lot and I think I might do some ties inside the skirt so it can become a polonaise.
Polonaise from the Kyoto Institute
Well I better get back to work……..

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Is this going to work out?

Trying out a new blog.  If only I can keep up with it and make it a habit to post in it at least once a week LOL!  Busy busy busy with lots of ideas and lots of stuff, so hopefully I can post random musings of what I am working on.

Anyone who’s interested in reading my old blog-it’s here:

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I really need to write in this more….

I’m again working on the website. And I’ve been sewing some beautiful 18th c gowns for the girls.

I’m working an a few more. It will be a collection of garden gowns, Le Jardin des Fleurs, hopefully some of them will be available for sale in the boutique by this weekend.

I’m also probably changing my blog hosting-in the process right now- hopefully I’ll use it a little more?

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