Daily Archives: March 24, 2009

Is this going to work out?

Trying out a new blog.  If only I can keep up with it and make it a habit to post in it at least once a week LOL!  Busy busy busy with lots of ideas and lots of stuff, so hopefully I can post random musings of what I am working on.

Anyone who’s interested in reading my old blog-it’s here:

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I really need to write in this more….

I’m again working on the website. And I’ve been sewing some beautiful 18th c gowns for the girls.

I’m working an a few more. It will be a collection of garden gowns, Le Jardin des Fleurs, hopefully some of them will be available for sale in the boutique by this weekend.

I’m also probably changing my blog hosting-in the process right now- hopefully I’ll use it a little more?

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