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I’m so tired of my camera…

I’ve been editing photos today that I took last night and well, my camera is really tired. It’s probably at least 5 years old-it’s a Canon powershot G-5. At the time it was an expensive camera but well, it’s amazing how technology develops so quickly. I think I’m going to get a Rebel XSI now- would love to have a EOS D-40, but the price range is a liitle high at the moment.
So back to editing- I had fallen at Knott’s a couple weeks ago(DD’s field trip) with camera in hand. I was more worried about the camera than myself. At first it seemed fine but when I got home later and used it-well the white balance button was broken. I use this button all the time-and now all my photos are too yellow unless I use flash which I hate. So I’m having to edit much more than I use to have to to try to get this yellow out of the pics. So sorry if the pics are bad.
Here is one taken of Regan:
Regan original
and Regan with photoshopped color:
Regan photoshopped

I’m not the best at photoshop, I only have Elements 6, but it serves my purposes.

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