Monday mornings- new day, new week

Don’t you just hate Monday mornings? The week end is over-no more playing, have to get down to the grind of the week again. For me, it seems I always have so much to do-I make my list which is so long, but then as the week goes on, it dwindles down as I get the items done. At least I feel a sense of accomplishment if I get almost everything done that is on my list.

The list this week? I started redoing our master bath while DH was away on vacation. Didn’t get it done since I had deterioration on the wall by the shower that I had to patch up with drywall mud. That has taken forever to dry since the weather has been so up and down here in CA. So today on the list is getting that finished.
Then tomorrow I have to start painting the bathroom and I have no idea what color to paint it. Now that DH is home he’ll probably want some say in the color. Oh darn.

Other major things: some commissions to finish. Once those are done I can work on a new collection for the 16″ fashion gals- which I think is going to turn out really fab. I still want to continue with the BJD”s because I am really having fun doing the 18th c gowns and other things. But I won’t be able to if they don’t start selling. Oh the dilemmas of having a home business.

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