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To Ebay or not To Ebay?

So……. I’m not having much luck in my gowns selling. I even lowered the prices whether anyone looked or not, I don’t know. I know with this economy it’s a luxury most people wouldn’t invest in but hey, the collectors are still buying dolls! So the question is-to put them on Evilbay or not? Pros- more exposure, possible selling. Cons-evilbay fees, selling for less than I may want, etc, etc,. I’ll probably try ebay again, just becuse it’s been so long since I have sewn and sold for these dolls that I think I need to build a customer base up again. Not that I really had much of one for the BJD’s. My customer base is with those 16″ Fashion Divas which thank goodness, I can always count on. Guess I’ll just have to do them for business and the BJD’s for pleasure and not really count on making anything from them.
Well I’m still going to finish making the 18th c gowns I have planned and the other collections that is half finished. I need to use up all this fabric I have!

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