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New pics taken the other day

I have new pics I took of another gown from the Le Jardin des Fleurs collection. I have about 3-4 more gowns to do and this collection will be finished. It would have been really cool to take a picture of them all together-but I don’t have enough BJD dolls to support that. Unless I dressed the boys up!LOL Don’t think they would care for that.

Here’s Regan in Jardin des Roses

Jardin des Roses

Jardin des Roses

I do want to get another girl though. Just trying to decide on which one and save the money for her. I have so many other things going on right now-for one I am going to need a new car soon. Although I am having a hard time finding on of those I like too. I really want another Saturn-but who knows what’s going to happen with that.

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