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So my little Saturn SC1 that I have had for almost 15 years now, 170,000 miles has finally gone kaput. Well, I could spend around 3-5 hundred to get the starter fixed, but it is only worth $5-600. So do I pour more money into it or get a new car with this economy? Well we were planning on getting a new car for me this year since our other car is getting paid off in 2 months. With this economy though, I should get a really good deal.

Soon to be mine........

Soon to be mine........

So this is what I am shopping for…2009 Mazda CX-7 Sport, getting quotes over the internet to comparison shop to get the best deal out there.

Shopping for a new car in this day and age is, well, I feel kind of sorry for the salesmen, but not so sorry that I am not going to work it for everything. Gone are the days of getting swindled by that salesman if you do your homework, and homework is what I am doing. There is so much info out there-Edmunds.com is a wealth of information. Shoot after all this I could sell cars! But would I? Not unless I absolutely had too. It’s a rough life.

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