Vanilla Rose

I got some pictures taken this morning of Katara modeling one of my projects using silk ribbon embroidery. I really like how it turned out and now can’t wait to do another.
Silk ribbon embroidery

Vanilla Rose
The book I got at the library said that this gets addictive and she was right. To take simple ribbon and fabric and watch it come to life with each stitch and each rose you add, it is so fulfilling. I think that is why I enjoy designing and sewing so much also. Here you have fabric, and the process of creating something beautiful out of it, to see it start to take form… It’s the process I love- well, I love the end product also.
I’ll be listing this on eBay later.

Vanilla Rose full outfit


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4 responses to “Vanilla Rose

  1. Gorgeous! Excellent work!


  2. Millie

    OMG! I recieved it yesterday and felt like it was my birthday! I love your work! So meticulous and absolutlely stunning. It truely is a work of art and I’m so grateful to own it. My Sooah/Elizabeth is wearing it and looks beautiful. Thank you again and please continue the wonderful work.


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