Fleurs d’Antoinette

Another 18th c inspired gown.

Fleurs d'Antoinette BJD

Fleurs d'Antoinette BJD

I love everything french, Marie Antoinette, 18th c inspired and historical fashion. Such a period of extravagance. The details that the gowns had, and to think that they were all made by hand! I have many books on the details of the fashion of the 1700’s, and it is truly breathtaking. One thing I do plan on doing this summer is to visit LACMA for the textile and fashion and FIDM’s fashion museum.
I think this is why my favorite designers are Christian LaCroix and John Galliano. Both of these talented designers use the 18th c as inspiration in many of their designs. Especially LaCroix. He is just pure genius.

Love it!

Love it!

I have been having such fun doing these historical gowns for the Asian Ball Jointed dolls. I think they wear the fashions well and add a touch of whimsy to the style. I still have several fabric prints I plan on doing. Guess I better get a move on!

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