CDDC Challenge 1 Make Mine Mod

Challenge 1- Make Mine Mod
Make Mine Mod – Jason Wu designed the Inaugural ballgown for Michelle Obama. Our guest judge this week is from Integrity Toys too, but his designs favour a mod theme. Let’s jump back 40 years and imagine that Austin Powers is the President of the US. Design an Inagural outfit for HIS first lady.
Guest Judge – David Buttry

I knew immediately what I was going to do on this challenge. I’m not going to write too much about it since I started blogging about this after the fact. Overall though, this was a tough challenge to dissect. Go Mod or Austin Powers style? Looking at the period of 1969- the fashions were really starting to change and go into the 70’s hippy mode. But here are the pics:


After judging I am currently in 4th place, but the guest judge-David Buttry- loved it, so to me that is what counted. I use Sybarite Trapeze, who was an epitome of 60’s chic. I can understand the comments form the other judges about the trim and slit- I finished this challenge in two days and it obviously showed. Will have to step up my game for the upcoming challenges!!


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