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CDDC- I won!

I won Challenge 2- I am in complete awe- because there were some really good designs there. I’m happy, especially since I went so back and forth with this design. I guess you should always stay true to your design aesthetic and inspiration. It paid off.
Here are the judges comments:

Shane-Beautiful shoes and the perfect fashion to go with them.

– The handmade shoes score high points with me. Excellent research and very striking effect when matched with the garment.

– A lovely choice. Tailored jacket is well fitted and cuffs aren’t easy! The presentation also adds much to the whole look, but the work is also evident.

Judith-From the artfully fashioned shoes to the perfectly tailored jacket this outfit is a sophisticated choice for the challenge. These brilliant shoes show a very slick design sensibility …I could see them being worn to an Armani boutique opening or fashion week or the like! Love the mini sequins with the tailored jacket and the use of snakeskin to pull the accessories together is ingenious!

Joe Tai-The fabric of shoes is same as belt and handbag, and shoes are gold as skirt, highly match the whole work.

My total score was 74 and now puts me in 3rd for overall. I definitely need to keep challenging myself.

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CDDC- Challenge 2 Put Your Best Foot Forward

Sept 20th

This week take a pair of shoes/boots and design an outfit around it.
Guest Judge: Joe Tai

Design an outfit around a pair of shoes. Wow, O.K. this is going to be a fun challenge. I love shoes, in fact, I have designed a dress just for a pair of shoes more than once. Too bad I couldn’t use one of those.Bombe

Sept 21
My first thought for this challenge went immediately to a pic of Dior shoes with gold ball soles and heels.

Dior shoes 2008 Resort

Dior shoes 2008 Resort

Hmmm, I could make something similar using jewelry components. I stayed with a classic point toe mule with ankle ties but added the unconventional gold ball soles and filagree ball with rhinestone insets and a gold cone for the heel.
It was a little bit of a challenge getting the heel right, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Sept 24
Now for the outfit. I wanted to stay classic-inspired by Dior and the New Look (can you tell I like Dior?). My first fabric choice was a white with gold ottoman for a jacket and maybe a straight skirt. I also had a green with gold cross dye silk organza I thought would make an interesting skirt. The doll I though of using for this look was Sybarite Swallow, with bright red hair pulled into a classic 50’s bun, but I have trouble with getting her to stand correctly, and with these shoes I could see fighting with her the whole time. She could not stand with out a stand. So I am second guessing now myself now. I want to use a doll that stands well, and I start looking at Psyche-my Numina Grey by my friend Paul Pham. She’s gorgeous, stands well with out a stand and her jointing is beautiful. I haven’t used her in a while and she starts inspiring me. Yes, she will be a good one to use.

Sept 28
I start drafting and make a muslin of a jacket for Grey. The fit is beautiful on her and I get inspired by an interesting fabric combo of a gold/rose crossdye cotton and gold micro sequined mesh. Very different, not sure if it will be too much but I start the jacket anyway.

My daughter doesn’t care for the new color combo. I am now questioning myself again. Do I make something that the judges will like or do what inspires me? The design is pretty much the same for either doll. Which will photograph better? I will probably end up making both and take it from there.

Sept 29

after much thought and sleeping on it, inspiration won out. I decided to be true to myself and do what inspires me.

Oct 1
I stayed with the gold micro sequined mesh and rose/gold crossdye. Only 3 days left to get this finished. I worked all day on the jacket and it turned out fabulous. The fit is so great on and Grey looks good in it. I did have a challenge finding the right wig for her though.

The shoes changed- I kept the same heel and soles of gold balls but did a brown snakeskin sandal instead. She can stand on her own in these and I can’t believe they turned out so well. I’m really happy with my finished look.



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