CDDC- I won!

I won Challenge 2- I am in complete awe- because there were some really good designs there. I’m happy, especially since I went so back and forth with this design. I guess you should always stay true to your design aesthetic and inspiration. It paid off.
Here are the judges comments:

Shane-Beautiful shoes and the perfect fashion to go with them.

– The handmade shoes score high points with me. Excellent research and very striking effect when matched with the garment.

– A lovely choice. Tailored jacket is well fitted and cuffs aren’t easy! The presentation also adds much to the whole look, but the work is also evident.

Judith-From the artfully fashioned shoes to the perfectly tailored jacket this outfit is a sophisticated choice for the challenge. These brilliant shoes show a very slick design sensibility …I could see them being worn to an Armani boutique opening or fashion week or the like! Love the mini sequins with the tailored jacket and the use of snakeskin to pull the accessories together is ingenious!

Joe Tai-The fabric of shoes is same as belt and handbag, and shoes are gold as skirt, highly match the whole work.

My total score was 74 and now puts me in 3rd for overall. I definitely need to keep challenging myself.

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