Yesterday I made a trip down to San Diego to a BJD get together and to help celebrate my friend Ellen’s B-day. It was a great time, I haven’t been to one in quite a while and it was nice to see everyone again. Ellen’s request was that we bring our Lishes.

The Lishe table

There weren’t as many dolls this time as there usually is. But there were some pretty ones none the less…

My friend Raymond's beautiful Elf

This little cutie just wanted to play

And then Ellen brought one of her Minifee Lishes to sell. Well, she said I had to have one to design for because it was hard finding clothing for them and it would be great if I could sew for this size too. As this little beauty sat in front of me saying “take me home” I contemplated a new doll size.

Minifee Lishe

I had no shoes whatsoever for this size doll and would I be able to find any? Eyes? I have no idea what size she takes at this moment and 7/8 wigs? Do I even have any except for 1? Hmmm this would be a little investing, not to mention another doll to sew for.
She definitely started growing on me. I mean I love my Regan (SD size Lishe) and a miniature one would be soooo cute. So Ellen and I decided to do a payment plan.

All the way home I thought about what I was going to make her first-I couldn’t wait to get into my stash of wigs and eyes to see what will work. She happened to be able to wear the 16mm eyes I had and I found another 7/8 wig that fit her well. I did buy a couple pairs of minifee shoes Luts had left along with a couple more wigs. I think I might get a few more pairs of eyes also-would like to try some 14mm on her.
I also had to change her eyelashes- I think she looks much more glamorous now. I’ll have to make an 18th c gown for her too.

Introducing Mika:

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  1. I bought that fabric online and didn’t like it so I got rid of it. Now I am kicking myself! That dress is adorable!


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