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The Process of ReBranding

I’ve been doing this a long time. Since 2004 actually. And I’ve gone thorough a few revamps of my website, but now I really feel I needed to ‘clean it up’.

See, I’ve kind of been on a hiatus of sorts, and for the last year have finally been able to create again (that whole story will be another post). With getting back into the ‘groove’ I felt that my image-brand- was in sore need of an update.  So which direction do I go? You see all this social media now about Branding and your image, etc, etc. But what really is Branding? And how do I make my brand?


Old logo 

First I knew I needed a logo change and wanted to simplify my site, not only the look but navigation.  I tried creating my own logo through VistaPrint:


Pretty, but still kind of dated looking. I needed something modern, fresh. So finding more and more info on Pinterest (unfortunately I’m addicted) I came across premade logo design. It was affordable (I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something I may not like) and I felt it was something that would work for me at this stage.  I knew what I wanted, simple clean, using the MRC initials of my brand name since I am often referred this way, and dropping the Couture.  I decided on a logo by Macaroons & Mimosas on Etsy. Lindsay was great to work with and created exactly what I was looking for. I changed up the Branding board to my color palette, like I said I knew exactly what I wanted- luxe, modern, simple, clean and elegant.

brand board

I had her make an extra alternate logo also that I ended up using as part of a thank you card for package insert.


Which comes to the next part of rebranding… the packaging.

You want your packaging to reflect your brand. Is your brand quirky and fun? then make your packaging reflect that. I wanted something elegant and French, since the name Madeleine Rose (which is my daughters name by the way) is very French, and my brand colors were a pale blush, dark grey, black, copper/rose gold and very light beige. Finding sources is not easy. Especially, affordable choices that you don’t need to buy a quantity of over 200 or 2000. And also storage! Who has the space if you are a home based business to store that many boxes? But again, Pinterest comes to the rescue! I found a resource that has foldable luxury boxes at a decent price that I can order in a smaller quantity. I ordered a few sample boxes to make sure the size would be good and created my packaging.




packaging card

I designed a Thank You card to insert in each package, tied with a white organza ribbon,

packaging TY stickersand stickers to seal the tissue.

packaging tissue

But the final presentation… I felt the gowns need to be presented like a piece of fine jewelry. On a pillow of satin. So I purchased pink satin and made a base in which the designs could be tied onto and set inside the box with acid free white tissue and a pink tissue over it, sealed with a sticker than ties with organza ribbon again. I added a small rose flower in the bow for an extra touch. This is something I used to do a long time ago and then just kind of stopped, but I think it does add a little extra something.


packaging pillow

Packaging out of the way…. The final is my website. I have to have the right website for my clients to go to to make it all cohesive, right?  I was in luck, my website provider had just came out with a new Website builder, so I decided to give it a try. Finding a template that would work for what I was looking for was a little bit of a challenge, but I found one I liked (it happened to be for a beauty salon but with the right changes…) I was able to adapt it to what I wanted. Changing the colors, working with photoshop to create the right headers, everything was coming together. And I found this new builder much easier to use than the previous one.  I’m still tweaking things and trying to create more content, but overall with the use of my new branding elements I feel everything is very cohesive across all boards-website, packaging and social media.

Check it out at




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