I’m either a SAHM or a SHE- take your pic-with a passion for sewing and fashion. I’ve been married for 22 years and have a beautiful 20 yr old daughter (20 already?) in college.
I also have a horrible fabric addiction as well as doll addiction, but that one I have put under control. Fabrics? well It would probably take me years to sew all the fabric I have. But still I buy more.

I am an independent designer for 16″ collectible fashion dolls. A few years ago I got into the Asian ball jointed dolls and now design and sew for them as well. With them I can get a little more funky, historical and just wild. Madeleine Rose Couture is my 16″ Fashion Doll designs and website, Angel Rose is the Asian ball jointed dolls clothing and website. So I put them together and created the name the Roses Couture for this blog.

This blog is mostly about dolls and my creations for them. I’ll show thought processes, new creations and maybe just talk about stuff.


10 responses to “About

  1. Rita

    Dear Lori
    I have admired your designs for years.I honestly thought you would win CDDC, but maybe I am a little biased. I also have sewn since I was young (8) and for my barbies, my sister taught me to knit and I made clothes for them for a project for girl scouts which (to my horror) they put on display at the end of the year at my school.I guess I didn’t know how unusual that was till I got older. But I got into doing alterations and custom sewing for people after marriage and decided to do it for a living, so now I specialize in wedding alterations and I have a shop downtown where I live. I think that people who have that sewing gene know it early on. Most of the people who I know that sew as well as I do started young. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your work, and oh yea I own dolls too, some Tylers, AM’s, I just got an Antoinette and splurged on some Joe Tai must haves ha ha. Anyway keep blessing us with your to die for designs. You are very appreciated. Rita


  2. Phyllis DiSabatino

    Hi Lori

    I love your site and your creations. I am an doll collector and delighted in your designs using silk ribbon embroidery. My favorite doll is the Ideal Toni
    who would love dresses with silk ribbon embroidery.
    I will be quite busy after viewing your site. Thank you for sharing.


  3. PatW

    Love your doll clothes. I’m getting ready to do some 18th century outfits for a pair of different size Tonners, and your work is certainly a fine example of how miniatures of this period’s clothing should be done. I have a great deal of experience making 18th century reproduction clothing in full size, and have also handled a lot of original pieces. It’ll be interesting to see how much of it will translate into a doll size.


  4. Wafa

    Hi Lori I love your work and am blown away by your talent!!! I am wondering if there is a channel to contact you about a possible doll gown project ? Please let me know, I would love to provide you with further to details to see if you are interested. I look forward to hearing back from you


  5. Wafa

    Thanks for getting back to me Lori. Yes, I tried finding a contact section on your website but couldn’t find one? I understand you are currently booked, I am more than happy to wait as I am more concerned with quality and talent, and your talent is beyond impressive. Is there a professional email I can reach you at or you can direct me to, and perhaps I can send you more details please? many thanks


  6. positivepollyanna

    I love your designs! I am a doll collector and love what you have here! Do you ever take life size clients? 🙂


  7. Tracy Maxwell Heard

    Would love to work with you! I am a doll collector which is how I discovered you, however, I am hoping you still do consignment work for real life girls as I have lots of events annually and hate to look like everyone else. Your designs are fabulous and feel so much like my personality. Would you please advise if you are taking on new clients and how to approach working with you?


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